Discover Charming Secrets of Qatar

When visiting Qatar, you are about to discover the exciting cultural experience that enables its visitors to explore the beauty, traditional civilization mixed with modernization and enjoy year-round sunshine, tranquility, and relaxation.

In Qatar, signs of progress are everywhere. Definitely, you will be captivated by everything starting from a wonderful ambiance, pristine beaches, and stunning sand dunes, to museums. Qatar has built an exciting world of variety that combines inherited culture and modern technology and the visitors can touch this clearly in streets, buildings, food, and in everything since the moment they set feet in this wonderful country. Qatar is a unique Middle Eastern model that grants all visitors the chance to enjoy rich cultural, new experiences and adventures

Visitors of Qatar will find much to enjoy, and endless variety of things to do. To become one of the region’s main leisure destinations, Qatar developed a wide range of world-class recreational and sporting facilities that reflects the traditions of its deeply-rooted culture, including restaurants offering a variety of cuisines, breathtaking and fully-equipped public beaches with water sports, shopping centers and many more. In short, you will find all options – both luxury and affordable..

  • Population: 2,700,910
  • Land Area: 11,610 Km2 (4,483 sq. miles)

Qatar offers the best of both, great business opportunities and unforgettable leisure experiences. Strategically located at crossroads of Asia and Africa, Qatar is exerting great efforts to reduce its dependence on the oils and gas by investing in non-energy sectors. Its economy experienced extensive liberalization procedures since the early 2000s as the government attached great focus on economic diversification as an integral part in its development plan and National Vision 2030 and its encouragement of fruitful partnerships with the private sector to have a remarkable impact and contributions in all fields such as construction, tourism, infrastructure, IT, services …etc.

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