ISO - 9001

Alpina Group has established and implemented Quality Management System complying with ISO9001:2015 requirements ensuring that the organization has centralized, standardized and consistent system at all locations. This system has been assessed by accreditation body and certified as ISO9001:2015 organization. Accordingly, this has resulted in higher customer satisfaction, interdepartmental communications, work processes, customer/supplier partnerships. We have implemented a lessons-learnt program as a means for continual improvement of the System and processes thus meeting all business objectives and strategies in effective manner.

ISO - 22000

Alpina Group implementation of the ISO 22000 in the organization resulted in a more robust food safety management system and potential access to new market opportunities. Also provided a framework for management commitment, communication with suppliers and customers, and continuous improvement of the food safety system. It also led to higher quality jobs in the food industry and Improved utilization of resource, increased company profits, Insured safer food Reduction in rates of foodborne disease, more efficient documentation of techniques, methods and procedure.

HACCP Certificate

Alpina Group Implementation of HACCP based procedures provide businesses with a cost effective system for control of food safety, from ingredients right through to production, storage and distribution to sale and service of the final consumer. The preventive approach of HACCP based procedures not only improved food safety management but also complemented other quality management systems. The main benefits of HACCP based procedures were saving our business money in the long run, increased food safety standards and Food quality standards. Organized our process to produce safe food and Promoted staff teamwork and efficiency.

Classification Certificate

Government Procurement Regulator Department of Ministry of Finance, State of Qatar has issued Classification Certificate to Alpina Group, This service provides access to government tenders in Qatar and offers a classification of companies according to their specialization. It also provides government entities with lists of companies operating in Qatar according to their activities.

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